Mini makeover: porch

Mini makeover: porch

This may possibly be the most uninteresting makeover post ever, but well, I thought I'd share it anyway - I'll keep it brief! Our latest house renovation project has been sprucing up one of our porch areas. (we have two - this is the side entrance one) Yes, it's not somewhere we spend a lot of time, but first impressions count right?! Plus, there are practical reasons for doing what we've done - my hubby often keeps his bike out there and sometimes Ruby's buggy, so the walls were getting scuffed and dirty really easily, so tiling the walls seemed like the best course of action.

colourful tiled porch

Below is what it looked like before - pretty uninspiring! We had given it a lick of paint when we first moved in, but as I say it quickly got grubby again.

porch makeover - before

The tiles kind of came about by accident. I had ordered samples of the five different colours from Topps Tiles Matrix range to see which one I liked best, and when they arrived, we realised that they all looked really great together! 

tiled porch makeover

We also added a proper skirting board as it looked really unfinished before. I can't take much credit for this project as hubby did most of the work, although I did give some plant pots a little bit of decoration!

upcycled plant pots - geometric design
colourful tiled porch makeover

The flooring will hopefully get replaced when we do the kitchen, and maybe one day we will replace the doors (these PVC ones just don't do it for me!) but for now, I'm really happy with this colourful little corner! It's certainly a much nicer scene to come home to than boring, grubby walls!