Small bedroom ideas

Small bedroom ideas

We are so lucky to have five bedrooms in our new house. We honestly couldn't believe it when we viewed the house and saw all the rooms! We have 4 bedrooms on the first floor and then our bedroom is in the loft which is quite spacious, but the other bedrooms are all relatively small. One I use as my office, which isn't too bad in size, then Ruby's room (which we've just finished decorating, so I'll share it on here soon!) and then we have two other rooms - one double and one single. Both of these rooms haven't really been 'done' yet. Well, the single room I gave a mini makeover when we first moved in, but I'm about to give it another one as it really was a quick fix. So, as they are both pretty small, I've been gathering some inspiration for how to make them work as well as possible, so I thought I'd share with you.... 

I loved Teri's guest bedroom makeover (although it's now her new baby's nursery!) - I love how she's made use of the wall space behind the bed for adding interest, and the string of lights is a space saving lighting idea. The little basket by the bed is handy for hiding away bedside essentials like tissues, medication etc. 

Small shelves by the bed are a great alternative to a bedside table as are small stools, and you can utilise window sills for adding decorative touches like plants if possible. Or you can install larger shelves up high for storage like the image above - can you believe this bedroom is actually in a cupboard?! (see below!) 

Generally, I feel using light colours in a small room is best, but as a few of the images here demonstrate, it can look great with a darker shade. I'm actually planning to use a dark paint in the single bedroom, although not on the walls! I will reveal when it's done! I like how they've used a long, thin bench in the above shot to hold a lamp, some books and plants.

Both of our spare bedrooms have *just* enough room for a clothes rail, so we've added one in each. They take up much less room than an actual wardrobe, although they obviously look best if your clothes are all perfectly coordinated like in these pics! The hanging tree branch is actually one you can purchase on Etsy, but I reckon you could totally DIY it. You could spray a branch with white or even gold spray paint and hang from the ceiling with some strong rope. 

I also like what Holly of Avenue Lifestyle has done in her bedroom - by adding the shelving it gives you extra storage space for clothing - just pop smaller bits and bobs in some nice baskets and boxes and it keeps it all looking tidy and uncluttered.

I honestly don't think there is any real need for a huge bedroom, generally all we do is sleep in there! In fact, a friend of mine told me she is planning a 'room swap' - moving her bedroom into her small office space, meaning she can use the larger bedroom as her work studio. It totally seems to make sense to use the bigger space in your waking hours and for working and then using the small space for sleep time. What do you think? 

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