Designing a toddler bedroom

Designing a toddler bedroom

Our upstairs is currently in a bit of chaos as we have moved Ruby out of her bedroom and into the (tiny) spare room, while we gutted it and prepare to have it plastered this week. Not only is the room going to look completely different, it's also going to be a bit of a milestone as we move Ruby into a bed for the first time. (You can read my recent post on sourcing children's beds, there's some lovely ones out there) Today, I thought I'd share with you my plans for the room - it's quite a small space, so we have to be quite clever about what we put in there and how.... 

We haven't hung any wallpaper in the new house yet, but I have just ordered the above paper from Photowall to go on one wall of the room. It is designed by Swedish illustrator and pattern designer Cathy Nordstrom, and I am pretty much basing the room around these colours.

My obsession with plywood continues, and I'm hoping the hubby will have a go at constructing a similar toy box to the one in the above image, with some casters on the bottom, so it's moveable. 

Flexa Play bed , £171, Smallable

Flexa Play bed, £171, Smallable

After reviewing all the possible beds from my previous post, I think I'm going to go for the Flexa Play pink bed. This will hopefully satisfy Ruby's dreams of a pink bed and should compliment the wallpaper. You may recognise that this is the same design as the play table we have in the living room play area - I'm so pleased with that little table & stool - it's so well made and sturdy and super easy to put together, so I'm hoping the same will apply to the bed. 

Garland , £9.50, This Modern Life /   Wooden stacking toys , £29.50, Sarah and Bendrix /  Tipi wooden wall shelf , £40,  Storage basket with tassels , £40, both Cuckooland /  Wire table(plant stand) , £8, IKEA /  Triangles rug , £49, La Redoute (currently 25% off!) 

Garland, £9.50, This Modern Life /  Wooden stacking toys, £29.50, Sarah and Bendrix / Tipi wooden wall shelf, £40, Storage basket with tassels, £40, both Cuckooland / Wire table(plant stand), £8, IKEA / Triangles rug, £49, La Redoute (currently 25% off!) 

There's obviously some existing pieces of furniture that will go back into the room - I already have that little side table from Ikea (which is actually a plant stand!) plus some vintage grey drawers and a bookcase. But these are a few of the decorative touches I'm hoping to add. 

Miss Kitty doll , £30, Sarah and Bendrix /  bed linen , £50.74, Smallable /  Cat clock , £25, Red Hand Gang /  Light , Snowpuppe /  height chart , £17.50, Papermoon /  clothes rail & shelf , £68, The Modern Nursery

Miss Kitty doll, £30, Sarah and Bendrix / bed linen, £50.74, Smallable / Cat clock, £25, Red Hand Gang / Light, Snowpuppe / height chart, £17.50, Papermoon / clothes rail & shelf, £68, The Modern Nursery

I'm struggling a little with finding the right bedding, I really love Ferm Living's range, but the pillowcases don't seem to be the standard size (and I've already got a duvet and pillow from Rooi for her bed) 

We don't really have space for a big wardrobe in the room, and most of Ruby's clothes fit in her drawers, but this little plywood clothes rail seems perfect for hanging her dresses, jackets and cardi's, as it can be mounted on the wall, plus it has a little shelf for display too! 

Anyway, I will of course share the finished room on here once it's all done, but do follow me on Instagram for little 'in progress' snippets along the way! :)