May: A Month of Lovely

We are half way through the year already, and I am really trying to savour these months as much as possible. While we might not be getting the wall to wall sunshine that we hope for every summer, we've had some great days of weather here and there, and even when it's not that sunny, I still enjoy the longer days of light, so much better for taking photos! We had a week away in France, where the weather was also mixed, but even when it poured for a whole day, I spent the time relaxing indoors, watching films and napping - which I literally NEVER do! So here's the things that have made my month lovely.... don't forget to share yours too online with #amonthoflovely

Reading actual books - I've had a Kindle for a few years now, and I do love the handiness of it, but when it comes to beautiful lifestyle books nothing compares to the real thing. I recently received a selection of books to review on the blog and I've so enjoyed sitting down with a cuppa and flicking through the pages. I'm particularly enjoying this one A Year Between Friends, isn't the cover just gorgeous?! If you are looking for some great books to add to your reading list, do check out the summer books post.

Printing actual photos - There's a theme developing here ('scuse the pun!) of enjoying things in analogue rather than digitally! I definitely don't do enough of this. I take pictures on my phone nearly every single day, and while many make it onto Instagram or Facebook, many just languish on my phone never seeing the light of day. It's fair to say it is the best shots that make it on to social media, and as I do look at my Instagram feed numerous times a day, I guess I do 'look' at the pictures regularly, but I think it is nice to actually print your favourites and dot them around your home. You don't even need to frame them, simply tacking them up with washi tape is a relaxed, fun way to display your faves, and you can change them as and when you feel like it. It's SO easy to print these days too, I generally use an app like Printic, where you can order directly from your phone.

Shopping indie - The power of social media really is tremendous when it comes to discovering new things, whether that's creative people, small businesses, restaurants or travel destinations. Everyone has there own reasons and ways of using the likes of Instagram, but one of my favourite things is finding new independent shops and designers to shop with. One such store I recently started following is Lilac Coast. It's a gorgeous online shop based in Dorset and Alice not only has a beautiful IG feed, she stocks some really lovely things for the home. She recently posted a pic of this little ceramic planter and I HAD to have it! I knew it would be perfect for my string of hearts plant. Check out the website, you'll be sure to fall in love with something too!

Rediscovering my love of flea markets - I've mentioned before on the blog how my style has been evolving of late and I've been buying more contemporary items for my home. I wasn't sure if that meant that my love for vintage had disappeared or not. But during our holiday in France last week, we visited quite a big brocante, and I quickly realised the thrill of the vintage hunt is still within me! What I discovered though, is that I am now much more considered and restrained than I used to be. This time, I had in mind what I was looking for (great plant pots and pink or yellow items) so I managed to bypass items that previously I would've jumped on just because they were super cheap. In the end, I came away with just three things - this yellow tin, a peach coloured plant pot (nearly pink!) and a poster with bird illustrations. I know, I know, the poster didn't fit within my criteria, but it was beautiful, in perfect condition and only €20!! 

Growing peonies - I think peonies may be a staple in my summer 'month of lovely' posts! I know I mentioned my coral favourites in the April round up, but I was thrilled to find these gorgeous white ones had come into bloom in our garden when we got back from holiday! It's typical that they were obviously at their pinnacle while we were away, but I quickly snipped this one to bring indoors to enjoy while I work. I can't take the credit for growing these, as the plants were here when we moved in, but I definitely think I'd like to try and plant a few more for next summer, it would certainly save money on buying them during the season each year! 

That's it for this month, I do hope you enjoy these posts and the little peek into what I've been enjoying in my life lately. Do pop over and say hi on Instagram (I'm @patchworkhrmy) and join in with the project. #amonthoflovely