Plans for a bright and airy hallway

Plans for a bright and airy hallway

When we moved to our new house just over seven months ago, we didn’t have any kind of plan for the renovations. We still don’t! In fact, it all seems to be happening quite organically. As one thing gets done it often seems to lead onto another. For example, we’ve just had an en-suite installed in the loft conversion, but as it needed electrics fed up there, the builder had to lift the (hideous) lino on the ground floor entrance hall to lay the cabling. We now have bare floorboards, and I have kind of started peeling off the textured wallpaper too! So now, despite being a big job, (it would involve doing the stairs and landings too) I can’t stop thinking about what we should do with this area! It always helps me to gather my thoughts and ideas together here, so here’s a little bit about what I’m thinking….

Image via  Carla Aston

Image via Carla Aston

Image via  SFGirlbyBay

Image via SFGirlbyBay

Vinyl flooring  by AtraFloor

Vinyl flooring by AtraFloor

It’s quite a narrow hallway and it feels quite dark, so I’m keen to really brighten it up and make it feel as airy as possible - cue gallons of white paint! With a space so small, it’s necessary to create interest via the walls and floors, and while I love tiled flooring in hallways, I did come across this vinyl flooring by AtraFloor recently which caught my eye, and fed my pink obsession! The other option is to go with painted floorboards and add colour (pink, most likely!) via paint, perhaps on the stairs or inside of the door.

Image via

Image via

Image top left via  /  Mint green ceiling light , £49, /  String of hearts art print,  £78, Ross and Brown /  Arrow hook , £19.60, Urban Outfitters /  Oak console Table , £217, Quercus Living

Image top left via / Mint green ceiling light, £49, / String of hearts art print, £78, Ross and Brown / Arrow hook, £19.60, Urban Outfitters / Oak console Table, £217, Quercus Living

As well as being bright and inviting, the entrance hall requires a level of functionality. So, adding wall hooks, shelving, baskets and a sturdy piece of oak furniture like a slim console table with drawers, like the one above from Quercus Living, gives you plenty of storage. I want the area to be clutter free, so adding these allows coats, scarves, keys and other bits and bobs to be tidied away. 

Wooden shelf with hooks , £50, Cox and Cox /  Doormat , £16, Oliver Bonas /  Faux Begonia tree , £295, Rose and Grey /   Cast iron radiator , price dependent on size, Castrads /  Storage basket , £19.99, H&M /  Curved mirror , £85,

Wooden shelf with hooks, £50, Cox and Cox / Doormat, £16, Oliver Bonas / Faux Begonia tree, £295, Rose and Grey /  Cast iron radiator, price dependent on size, Castrads / Storage basket, £19.99, H&M / Curved mirror, £85,

I’m keen to introduce a bit of greenery to the space, but as it doesn’t get a huge amount of light, I’m thinking artwork and artificial plants are the way to go. A full-length mirror is handy for checking yourself out before you leave, with the added bonus of hopefully reflecting a bit of extra light into the hallway. Details like a slim cast iron radiator, gorgeous light fittings and a fun doormat will all add interest.

I’m really liking the idea of mixing natural materials, botanical elements and pops of colour – I’d love to hear what you think!

Disclaimer: This post was sponsored by Quercus Living, but all choices and opinions are my own.