Sourcing: La Redoute homewares

Sourcing: La Redoute homewares

Recently I have noticed a lot of homeware items from La Redoute popping up on Instagram, and I was pleasantly surprised, firstly as I didn't even realise they did homeware and secondly because after a quick browse I discovered they have some really lovely pieces at super affordable prices! At the moment they have 30% off everything so I *may* have just ordered myself this lovely rug and magazine rack for my office which I'm in the process of revamping! 

Jeo Rug  - £39

Jeo Rug - £39

Magazine rack  - £49

The prices above are the full price so at the minute with the 30% off the rug was only £27 and the rack was £34! But even without the discount they are really reasonable prices I think. Saying that, there does seem to be quite a variation in affordability, with some items on the site being a lot more expensive in comparison. 

Junior chair  - £175

Junior chair - £175

Stackable school chairs  - £225 for two

Stackable school chairs - £225 for two

For example this sideboard is quite pricey, although perhaps more affordable than a similar one in other high street stores? I also really like the Junior chair - it would be perfect for Ruby at the minute as she's no longer in a high chair but a normal chair is a bit low, but it's quite expensive for something we'd only use for a short while... They do matching dining chairs so it would blend in well if you had these too - £225 for two seems more reasonable as well. I also really like these wooden dining chairs, the one for sale on their site at the moment is a grey version which is lovely, but they are £299 - quite a lot if ordering 4 or more...

Afaw shaggy rug - from £99

Afaw shaggy rug - from £99

Cotton duvet cover  - from £29

Cotton duvet cover - from £29

So let's get back to those great bargain finds! They have some gorgeous rugs on there, the Afaw shaggy rug was one that I've saw popping up on Instagram quite bit. They've also got some lovely bedding and children's pieces. I love this duvet set with the triangles which is only £29 for a single and £39 for a double. (don't forget the 30% off that too!) 

Metal Armoire  - £249

Those metal armoires would make a great toy cupboard in a kids room or perfect storage in an office. How sweet is the little teepee bed canopy and I like the simple design of the bedroom furniture above, although the bed doesn't seem to be on the site sadly...

What do you think? Did you know La Redoute did furniture and homeware or is it just me whose late to the party?! It's definitely one I'll be adding to my bookmarks for when I'm on the hunt for things for the new house! I'll make sure to share pics of the rug and magazine rack when they arrive. Do follow me on Instagram as I tend to post little things like that on there!