Utilitarian downstairs loo

Utilitarian downstairs loo

Last Friday we FINALLY exchanged on our house, (a year since putting our flat on the market - that must be a record!) So we've spent much of the week chatting about plans for the new house and debating what we will do with the FIVE bedrooms! I'm excited about living in a house where I will go up the stairs to bed at night - I've only ever lived in a bungalow or in flats - and I'm also weirdly excited about having more than one loo! :) We have the main bathroom and a downstairs loo at the moment, and plan to turn a small room in the loft conversion into a en-suite. We have LOTS to do in the house, the whole place needs an overhaul, so I will share some ideas and inspiration for different areas over the coming weeks. If anything, I find it really helps me to work out what I want, by sharing my thoughts on here! 

Photo via:  The Ana Mum Diary

The downstairs loo is always a tricky one. Such a small space, but one that the majority of your visiting guests will get a peek of at some point, so you don't want it to be dull! Wall mounted or corner sinks are usually the only option, although I do love these bucket sinks from Labour and Wait, but there just wouldn't be the space. (maybe for the en-suite?!) 

Photo via  Pinterest  (no source) 

Photo via Pinterest (no source) 

In such a small space my preference is to go relatively simple but perhaps with one or two unexpected elements. I'm thinking a bit of a utilitarian vibe - industrial lighting, tiles on the floor and tiles halfway on the walls, but then with some fun art on the wall and a small mirror. I would love to find a salvaged door, with frosted glass and perhaps some text on it, which would add interest and also let in a little more natural light. Something like this.  

Photo via  The House Directory  

I LOVE these London Underground inspired tiles which Fired Earth did in collaboration with Transport for London, but it was a few years ago and they don't have them anymore. But we could at least recreate the two tone tiles which looks great, or at perhaps have a darker skirting board like in the top image. 

Hooks:  Baileys  / Hand wash:  Southwood Stores  / Hanging planter:  Ro-Co  / Towel:  The Future Kept

Hooks: Baileys / Hand wash: Southwood Stores / Hanging planter: Ro-Co / Towel: The Future Kept

And then of course, not to forget those finishing touches - some hooks, a luxurious hand wash, a plant (or two!), either hanging or potted, and a lovely hand towel. A small space, but yet still so much to think about! ;)