Decorating brands I'm loving...

Decorating brands I'm loving...

If you are a regular reader (of my not so regular posts! sorry!) then you might know that we have been going through a very long drawn out process of selling our flat and buying a new property. In September, it will be a whole YEAR since we put our flat on the market! BUT we are finally seeing light at the end of the tunnel and are just waiting to agree dates for exchange and completion. (fingers still firmly crossed!) 

I've literally spent the last 12 months imagining what I am going to do to the house we were buying, and have even started looking at paint colours and wallpapers in preparation! So now that our wait is *nearly* over, I am gradually gathering samples together, so I thought I'd share with you a couple of really great decorating brands that I've fallen in love with. 

I came across Bert and May a while ago, and blogged about their barge boat which you can stay in on the Thames. I have fallen in love with their tiles, wood flooring and cladding and their paint range. Above are a few sample pots I have tested out, and I love the soft, muted tones and the chalky matt finish. The palette is inspired by their stunning range of tiles, so naturally they go perfectly together. And I am totally loving the idea of a tiled headboard! 

I am a big wallpaper fan, but I am quite fussy about it. I feel like it is quite a bit of effort to hang and I want longevity from it, so I really want to make sure I truly love the wallpapers I choose. 

So, I am always really excited to find a wallpaper brand that has lots of designs I love, and I can safely say that about Sandberg Wallpapers. I've admired their work for a while, and recently received a selection of samples from their Familj range, which is launching this month - and there really is too many lovely designs to choose from! 

I'm also planning a little bit of furniture painting with some pieces I already own, that are a bit tired and either need to go or could be transformed with a lick of paint. So I'm delving into books like this one from founders of interiors brand Grand Illusions to give me a few ideas! 

Once we get into the new house, I'm sure I will have lots of projects to share on here, just keep your fingers crossed for us that we get things signed and sealed soon! ;)