Becoming brave with colour

Becoming brave with colour

Whenever I watch programmes like The Great Interior Design Challenge and they say 'be brave with colour' and then the contestants proceed to paint a room in deep red or lime green, I find myself shouting at the telly with cries of 'noooo!' and 'why??!'. For me, being brave with colour is not about going over the top with something you probably wouldn't normally go for, just to prove you're 'being brave' - it's simply about introducing colour naturally, choosing shades that you know you will love to look at and that will complement the rest of your decor. If I'm honest, I haven't been brave in our current home when it comes to paint colours - every room is white, except the bedroom which is Pale Cirrus from Fired Earth, a very pale blue grey. I've added colour in other ways, through accessories and art work, as these are easy to change. 

We've also already agreed that when we (finally) move into our new place, we will paint everywhere in white to start with (there are some pretty ghastly colours and one mural (!) to cover over!!) and then work around each room decorating properly. But I do wonder if I may try to be more brave this time? These images which I received from Dulux this week have instigated these thoughts, as while they are still fresh and mainly white, the use of colour really is inspiring...

I particularly love the use of colour on the sloping roof, and it's something I'll keep in mind for the loft room. These shades look so fresh together and not at all sugary despite being on the pastel spectrum. Using two shades of blue in the below image also works fabulously... (side note; I'm also loving these polished concrete floors!) 

If you simply can't stray from all white walls, then this last shot is a great way to add a few pops of colour in a subtle yet 'brave' way... the challenge would be getting all those circles perfectly lined up! 

What do you think? Are you brave with colour or are you like me, and find it hard to commit to painting with anything stronger than chalky pastels?