What to do with a 'sort-of' conservatory

What to do with a 'sort-of' conservatory

So in case you were wondering... no, we still have not moved house! After putting our house on the market in September and having an offer accepted on the place we are buying in October, it does seem to be taking an AWFULLY long time! There was mention of an exchange date today though, so perhaps the end is in sight.

But when it's been this long since you saw the place you about to move into, your brain does start to play tricks on you about what said house actually looks like. Our new house has what I would call a 'sort-of' conservatory. It had a sloped glass roof, but it has solid walls and only a slim envelope window along the top of the wall. In my mind, it looks (or could look) a lot like some of these images, but in reality it is VERY far from looking anything like this! 

While I KNOW it definitely won't ever look this fabulous, I do think it's possible to work with what you've got (at least to start off with until you can afford big transformations) so these images can at least spark some decorating ideas if nothing else. I am also assuming that with the presence of a garden room in my life, I will automatically be transformed into a green-fingered guru, and that my house plants (the ones that are still alive) will now flourish in this light-filled space! That will happen right?! 

I like the idea of an exposed brick wall, either painted or bare, and a tiled floor. The two images below have both of these elements but in very different ways, and both very lovely. It would be nice to have an almost Mediterranean terrace feel mixed with a bit of a Petersham Nurseries vibe I'm thinking...!

L: via  Pinterest  R: via  Pinterest

L: via Pinterest R: via Pinterest

There is SO much work to do to the whole house when we move in, it is a HUGE project but hopefully one day we will have a lovely little sunny room similar to these (even a little bit!) to curl up with a book and a glass of wine! Watch this space to see how we get on! :)