Places to stay: Bert's Barge

Places to stay: Bert's Barge

I haven't been around here much of late - things have been a tad busy what with working on the relaunch of 91 Magazine as well as my new part time job, not to mention additional freelance work that seems to all come in at once! :) 

I've been working most evenings until about 11pm to try and stay on top of things, but I guess that's the life of a freelance working mum! I'm grateful for getting to do things that I love as a job, so I'm definitely not complaining, BUT a little holiday sometime soon would certainly be very welcome! :) 

Even a couple of nights in a barge in Hackney would be a dream! Well, especially if it was Bert's Barge! Have you seen this beauty?! 


What a beautifully designed small space! The white wood panelling keeps it bright while giving it a cosy cabin feel, and the Scandi modern look is softened by textiles and a beautiful rug from Larusi

As if just swanning around in here wouldn't be enough, you are also greeted with a welcome hamper and treated to a local artisan breakfast too. All to enjoy from the comfort of the king size bed with it's duck down bedding. 

To be honest, I don't think our budget will stretch to the £250 per night price tag just now, not when we are in the middle of buying a house which needs some serious love and attention! So for now, I guess swooning over the images will have to do! But hey, if you do fancy treating yourself to a night on the river, then do let me know how it was!! 

Find out more at Bert's Barges.