A truly excellent vacuum cleaner!

A truly excellent vacuum cleaner!

Ok, so this isn't my usual kind of post. I don't tend to talk about tech, or gadgets or appliances, let's face it, it's not the most interesting or inspiring aspect within the home. And to be honest, I've always preferred to spend my money on the 'pretty' elements, and have scrimped on the essentials, assuming that all appliances pretty much do the same job, and generally cutting corners on those not so sexy items! But since moving into our new place, I weirdly feel like a grown-up (well at least a little bit more than before!), and perhaps it's the idea that we see this as our forever house, or at least a very long term one, that I suddenly feel the importance of having things that work well and do their job significantly better than others on the market. I read SO many reviews when selecting our washing machine and dishwasher, and am really happy with what we choose, and for the first time ever we have a tumble dryer - SO grown up! No more laundry hanging off every surface! 

So whenever I was offered a new vacuum cleaner to try out, I jumped at the chance to see if it really was a superior product, that would make chores that little bit more bearable. I was sent a Oreck Magnesium RS - an upright cleaner which is in fact the lightest bagged vacuum in the UK. We've never had an upright version before, so I must admit we were a little dubious, especially my other half - he was extremely cynical about our new appliance, UNTIL he tried it.... 

We were both hugely impressed with it, the suction was fantastic, and it pretty much does the work for you. It seems to propel itself across the floor, making it really easy to use. It goes almost horizontal for going under furniture and you can easily switch between high and low power on the handle. I nearly got the hubby to write this blog post as he was loving it that much! He was even telling family about it during a meal out! (yes, we are thrilling company with our vacuum cleaner chat!) 

So are there any negative points? Well - kind of - yes. It's not great for stairs and without a detachable hose you can't really get in corners and along skirting boards so well. But otherwise, it does a great job across carpet and hard floors, which we currently have both of (FYI - those dark maroon carpets WILL be going soon! Not my choice obvs!). It's lightweight and can be stored easily, you can even hang it if you wish.

I must admit, I had not heard or Oreck before, but I can now safely say I can see why the 1960s hotel staff they was originally designed for were so enamoured by these cleaners! It must have made their jobs so much easier, I'm certainly whizzing around our house with it! (or at least the hubby is!) ;) 

You can check out all the specifications and reviews for the Oreck Magnesium RS here. Thank you to Oreck for gifting me this item, all opinions and images are my own.