My home on Apartment Therapy!

My home on Apartment Therapy!

Ever since we moved into our home nearly 6 years ago, I'd always dreamed of having it featured in a magazine or on an interiors blog (other than my own!) and though I was often asked to have it shot, I always declined as I wanted it to be 'finished'. Well, of course, your home is never completely finished, there is always something else to do, but as close to finished as it can be at any one time. The main thing was to renovate the kitchen, which we saved for since we bought the place, and finally got round to doing last year. 

So whenever I got an email from Cathy Pyle, a photographer, asking me if she could shoot my home for Apartment Therapy, I was thrilled and excited that I could finally say yes! Apartment Therapy was probably one of the first interiors blogs I'd come across when I first got into blogging.

Cathy visited one Saturday in May, and we had a lovely day chatting and shooting, she even managed to get some half decent shots of me! So now I'm super excited to share the link to the post on Apartment Therapy and below is a little sneak peek. You will also find a source list for where I got lots of our furniture, accessories, art work etc. 

I hope you enjoy having a nosy, and thanks to Cathy for the lovely photos and Apartment Therapy for the feature! 

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