Displaying wedding photos

Displaying wedding photos

Today is our second wedding anniversary, hurray! Happy Anniversary hubby! A lot has happened in the last two years, namely one little girl named Ruby, so the time has really flown by since we had our big day in France. I did manage to make a photo album not too long after the wedding, but I was unsure how to display some of our images at home. I didn't want anything too naff, and I wanted to capture a feeling of the whole day rather than just one or two images of us. 

So it's taken me this long to finally decide to create a photo grid which shows us at different moments in the day and also captures the style of the wedding, which was of course very important to me! haha! ;) 

I printed the images via Huggleup who are a London based start-up business, who have a website and iPhone app for printing your images. They very kindly printed this set free of charge for me, but it is only £12.50 for the set of 20, which is a total bargain, especially when it comes to wedding photos. They also do stickers, magnets and posters, which are great gifts but also very useful if you are a business owner. I'd love to get some 91 Magazine magnets made! :) 

I like that this idea for displaying our wedding images isn't permanent. If we want, we can add to it, change some of the images, or display them in a completely different way. I can also change the styling too at any point. At the moment, I have added the tiny vintage tin which we had our wedding rings in on the day displayed below. (the tin says 'Keep this for my sake' on the lid - i love it so much) 

What do you think folks? How have you displayed your wedding photos? Would you consider something like this? 

NOTE: Our wedding photographer was the fabulous Jemma Watts of Pearl Pictures, just in case you are currently looking for a lovely and talented photographer for your big day!