Garden refresh & DIY plant holder

Garden refresh & DIY plant holder

The bank holiday weekend is a perfect time to give the garden a quick tidy up and refresh. The weather was a bit hit and miss this weekend, but I managed to get enough dry hours to get a few things done. 

Our shed was in need of a lick of paint and the area next to the back door was looking very sad indeed....

I'd found this metal grid in our shed ages ago, and thought I'd find some use for it at some point, so it has just been lying around. Then inspiration struck when I saw what Emily of Makelight had done in her studio. (see her little plant display here)

I gave the grid a coat of white spray paint, and then potted up a some little violas. Then I used copper wire to loop around the pots. I then fixed the grid to the wall using a few raw plugs and screws. Finally I used S hooks to hang the pots up on the copper wire. If you fancy making something similar and don't have a random metal grid languishing in your shed like me, then check out shop-fitting websites like this one for a similar thing. 

I then simply rearranged the furniture a little, moving the bench under the grid and adding a few colourful pots of flowers on the decking. Please ignore the decking by the way! This is a job for next weekend - cleaning and re-staining! :) 

I also managed to give the shed a couple of coats of paint to freshen it up and added a few pots here too. It's now much more appealing to go and sit out in our garden than before! What do you think?!

Have you had a chance to give your garden a little spruce up yet? Why not give my little plant display DIY a go! ;) 

NOTE: This post is my entry to the Garden SOS Campaign by The challenge was to makeover a small area of your garden for under £50. I used lots of things I already had, and spent my budget on materials (spray paint, wire, s hooks, paint) as well as some new plants and a watering can! Fingers crossed I win the £500 garden makeover! ;)