5 tips for a mini bedroom update

5 tips for a mini bedroom update

Our bedroom has been feeling a little unloved of late. We don't spend that much time in there really, apart from sleeping, and it's easy to just dump things in there or let things pile up. So at the weekend I thought it was time for a little tidy and a bit of refresh. 

I didn't do much,, but it has really made a difference! Maybe I'll even go and spend some time reading my book in there this evening.... So here are my 5 tips for a quick and easy bedroom update!

1. Buy some new bed linen

This has made the main difference in the room. We've had plain white sheets on our bed forever, and while I do like white they seem to go grey and dull so quickly, and I'm always having to replace them. So this time I opted for a patterned set which fits in really well with the other nature related elements in the room. This duvet and pillowcase set is from BHS, and a snip at £35 for the king size version. 

2. Make some new cushion covers

I really needed to refresh the cushions that I had on the bed, so I decided to whip up a few new covers with a bit of Liberty fabric. One of my favourite patterns is pepper, so I choose two colours in this design and used some ribbon to trim the opening. They are just super simple envelope covers, but I'm really pleased with them. 

3. Add some flowers 

For me, displaying fresh flowers in any room makes such a difference. It may seem like a bit of an expense, but all you need is a stem or two in a bottle or vase, so rather than buying a big bunch just pop in your local florists and choose a few individual stems. Also look out in the reduced section at the supermarket, sometimes you can find a great bargain on flowers that only have one sorry looking bloom. 

4. Restyle the bedside tables

This is the area where things can sometimes accumulate: books, handcreams, coffee cups, phone chargers etc. But as this is potentially the first area you see in the morning, and the last one at night, it should be a joy to look at! Give it a little tidy up, add a scented candle or two, those beautiful flowers and maybe tape a cute postcard or favourite photograph to the wall and voila! - a simple pleasure to enjoy every day! 

5. Tidy and clear clutter

As any interiors book or magazine will tell you, the bedroom should be a tranquil, uncluttered space, so if like me, it has started to build up, just take an hour to tidy things away, and discard or put in storage anything that you don't really need or that isn't pretty. It'll make your bedroom a much nicer place to wake up in each day! 

I'm certainly feeling much happier when I go in the bedroom now! If you'd like some more inspiration for your own bedroom, check out my Bedroom Style Pinterest board too! 

Thank you to BHS for sponsoring this post, and for supplying the beautiful bed linen.