Inspiration - creative homes

Inspiration - creative homes

I love seeing inside creative people's workspaces and homes, so I was really excited to hear about Emily Quinton's first book which has just published with Ryland Peters & Small.

Maker Spaces takes a peek inside the homes of artists, designers and makers in the UK, US and Europe including Sarah Hamilton, Donna Wilson, Inge Cremer and Anna Joyce. 

As well as being lovely on the inside, this book is also beautifully bound on the outside. It's quite an unusual format, and maybe it's just the 'coffee table book geek' in me, but I really love how the cover is separate from the spine, and how it gives a contemporary and quirky look to the book. Surely books will never disappear from our world considering e-books could never replicate this aspect of publishing.

Here is a little peek inside at some of my favourite creative homes that Emily has featured in the book, including her own, which is the perfect space for a creative family such as hers.

If you fancy seeing a bit more, then pop over to Emily's website and order your copy asap! 

Maker Spaces by Emily Quinton, photography by Helen Cathcart, published by Ryland Peters & Small (rrp £19.99)