10 ideas for styling a small bathroom

10 ideas for styling a small bathroom

We are currently redecorating our bathroom, so I've been thinking a lot about the smallest room in our house of late.  When we moved in over 5 years ago, the bathroom was in pretty good nick, although not particularly exciting decor wise. I didn't do much with it to be honest, so now that we are doing it up, I plan to add a few extra touches to make it that little bit more interesting. 

Most of us aren't blessed with the gift of space in the bathroom, so it's often hard to make it look really great. If you can't fit in a wonderful roll top bath or a lovely piece of furniture like a comfy armchair or old set of drawers, what can you do with a small bathroom to give it some style? 

Here are 10 ideas I've been considering for my own bathroom. I will share some snaps of it when it's all finished....

1. Plants - pop one or two plants in the bathroom, either on a window sill, a small table or shelf or hanging from above. There are many plants that will thrive in a bathroom's humid atmosphere. Aloe Vera, ferns, mother-in-law's tongue and some orchids are all great. 

2. Small furniture - if you have a little bit of space, add a small table, stool or chair as an extra surface, and style with plants, bottles, tins etc. 

Image:  Frolic blog

3. Dried or fresh flowers - just a stem or two in a bottle or vase won't take up much room and adds a little life and colour. 

4. Hooks - Look out for really interesting wall hooks that can be added to the wall or the back of the door. Not only practical in a small space, but if you go for great design, they will become a feature too.

5. Pictures, plates, mirrors - with limited space the walls are the best place to add interest, so hang artwork, vintage plates and beautiful mirrors. 

6. Stylish shower curtain - most small bathrooms mean your shower is in the bath, so a shower curtain is essential. There are lots of great designs from places like Anthropologie and Urban Outfitters if you fancy something different. 

7. Interesting fittings - I LOVE the sink in the above image! So if you are super tight on space you could always make those essential items the main feature. Wall mounted sinks should also save a little space too. 

8. Great floor tiles - With a small square footage you can splash out on slightly more expensive floors tiles and go for something really striking. 

Image:  Rosehip

Image: Rosehip

9. Curtain or blind - Even if you've only got a small window, dress it up with a pretty blind or curtain. You can easily make your own with a piece of fabric, or like this image above, some vintage embroidered linens or hankies joined together. 

10. Luxury hand soap and candles - even if you've only got a tiny shelf, window sill or even just the sink surround to display items, be sure to opt for lotions and potions that come in really lovely packaging. And of course a few delicious candles won't go a miss for those relaxing evenings pampering yourself in your now beautiful bathroom!