Ruby's first pancake day

Ruby's first pancake day

When you have a child, even the most minor of events seem so much more exciting don't they? Especially when it's their first experience of it! So last week when Debenhams asked me if I'd like to share a post on making pancakes with Ruby I thought it seemed like one of those traditions that you have to pass down to your kids - eating only pancakes for dinner one day a year! Even though at Ruby's age (she was 7 months yesterday!) she doesn't really understand what's going on, it's still fun for us to see how she reacts and interacts with new things.

It all started off quite civilised as she watched from her Bumbo, but soon she wanted to get involved! She's at the stage where her little hands grab for everything, so a few times we nearly ended up with flour everywhere!


Before we started making the mixture, she *somehow* ended up in my huge Tala bowl! Much hilarity! She's such a little wriggler that it was really hard to get any photos of her that aren't blurry! She was loving banging the utensils off the worktop and trying to fit an entire lemon in her mouth! 

By the time we got to actually making the pancakes, she was a tad restless so retired to her bouncer chair, but she did seem to enjoy eating the pancakes at the end! Obviously she won't remember her first pancake day, but it definitely made a small tradition like this much more fun for us! And hey, she can always look back on mum's blog in years to come to reminisce! :) 

Thanks to Debenhams for supplying some of the items for our pancake day fun! Tala Mixing Bowl, pink whisk and spatula, Greenpan frying pan and Royal Doulton dinner plates . And for Ruby's super cute outfit! Vest, striped cardi, skinny jeanshairband and socks.