My tabletop Christmas tree

My tabletop Christmas tree

Space is at a premium in our flat these days (hence our planned move!) and last year we didn't even bother with a proper Christmas tree, opting for a slightly unusual fake 'branch' tree! I did miss a real tree though, and had hoped that we would have moved into our big new house by this Christmas and we'd be back to finding the biggest tree possible! But alas, we are still in our flat, so I had to compromise on size, but thankfully have got a real one this time! 

Literally the only space we have available for a tree was on a table top so we decided to opt for a smallish tree - choosing a medium pot grown Norway spruce from B&Q. While we were browsing the trees, it dawned on us that in fact this was a very sensible idea with a toddler running around! I'm sure by now most of those baubles would have been removed if the tree had have been on the floor! But as it is, Ruby enjoys looking at the tree, but can't reach it! A pot grown tree was also ideal for displaying on a tabletop, I just popped it into this zinc bucket to protect the table, which also concealed the black pot it came in. 

For the decoration this year I wanted to go for something a little different. Pink and grey might not be the colours you immediately associate with Christmas, but I think they actually look fantastic! I selected some pale blush pink baubles, strings of beads and some glittery snowflakes and mixed them with some grey homespun decorations, made from felt and wool. I'm really liking this mix of textures too. 

What you can't really tell from these images is that the lights actually have a bit of a pink glow which works really well with the scheme. I then styled the rest of the table top with honeycomb balls and other paper decorations from Hema, a vintage frame with a Paperchase postcard hanging inside and some vintage candle holders.

I must say, I am totally sold on a smaller table top tree - it doesn't take up too much space and is out of the way of mischievous children and pets! What are your plans for your tree this year?!

** Thank you to B&Q who provided the lovely tree, lights and decorations.