Utilising your space for storage

Utilising your space for storage

I'm sure I'm not the only one who struggles with storage in the home. It's a constant battle right?! I was recently asked by Harvey's Furniture to share three storage ideas so I thought I'd share some that have worked for me in my own home. Finding good storage solutions is about utilising all the space that you have, but also making sure it looks good. If like me, you don't have a loft, then it's necessary to find ways of using each corner of your home, without it just becoming cluttered and messy. 

1. Use the space above you

When we had to transform my office into Ruby's bedroom, I was left with a lot of boring files of paperwork and boxes of other admin type stuff I couldn't get rid of. I had no cupboard space available to hide them away, so instead we installed some shelving up above the line of the door to store these. They are things that don't need accessed on a regular basis so it is fine for it not to be easily accessible, but make sure you keep it orderly and neat otherwise it will just be an eye sore. The other idea is to create a fun fabric curtain to pull across and conceal it. I had actually planned to do this, but decided I quite liked the slightly utilitarian look of the shelves. 

2. Choose stylish bags and baskets

With things that do have to be easily accessible, such as toys, lovely storage bags and baskets are a perfect solution. BUT make sure they are lovely! I could never bring myself to buy those horrible plastic storage boxes as they are so ugly, and then you have to find somewhere to conceal those. Pretty baskets and other containers are readily available, so choose some that suit your decor and make them part of it. They can slot in anywhere where you have a little gap, and the kids can move them around as and when they like. Plus it's super easy to tidy up at the end of the day! I published a post recently about some great options you can find online

3. Make a feature out of existing spaces

Try to make use of awkward nooks and crannies, making them into an interesting feature instead. We have this beautiful fireplace, but it is not a working one, so I decided to stack up some old books which I often use as props for photos in there. It means my beautiful old books are on display rather than packed away in a cupboard, as well as making use of the otherwise dead space. 

What storage solutions are you most proud of in your own home? I'd love to hear!

This post was in collaboration with Harvey's Furniture,. As well as my tips, you can read two other bloggers top storage ideas on the Harvey's blog