New online shop: The Quiet Store

New online shop: The Quiet Store

Fellow blogger, freelance journalist and mama, Huma Qureshi has just recently opened a lovely new online shop. called The Quiet Store. Huma starting working on plans to open the store earlier this year, just before her second baby was born (Like me, she doesn't let something like a newborn get in the way of her creative endeavours!) 

I love the name Huma has chosen for the shop and I think it reflects the range of merchandise she has personally handpicked - there is a quiet simplicity to the homewares, textiles, stationery, accessories, jewellery and beauty products you will find.

Huma describes the ethos of the shop... "it is to share an edited collection of simple, unfussy yet aesthetic and functional products that are made by hand, made to last. It's about subtle, low-key but timeless design. All the products have been handmade by specialist artisans and crafters - mostly across the UK - nothing has been mass produced."

Pop over to The Quiet Store to see what else Huma has to offer - I for one know there are a few pieces I'll be adding to my Christmas wish list! xxx 

Images by Veerle Evens