Top Interior & craft books for A/W 2015

Top Interior & craft books for A/W 2015

I know there's been a lot of book talk on my blog of late, but there are lots of lovely books out at the moment which I think are worthy of your Christmas wish list. So here are a few of my faves! And of course I couldn't write a post about my top books for Autumn/Winter 2015 without mentioning my own! But I will direct you to my recent 'It's published!' post for more info on that! 

Winter Living by Selina Lake

Selina's latest book is seasonally relevant and one you'll be able to go back to year after year, as it is packed full of lots of lovely ideas for cosying up your home and preparing with winter and the festive season. As in her last book, Outdoor Living, there are lots of little DIY makes scattered throughout the book to recreate some of the looks Selina has styled. 

As well as a Winter Inspirations section, the rest of the book is categorised into looks - Homespun Charm, Faded Grandeur, Rustic Retreat, Winter Whites and Festive Celebrations, so you will definitely find ideas to suit your home.

The photography by Debi Treloar is stunning as always, so this book is a total feast for the eyes, to be enjoyed in front of a stylish wood burning stove of course! Buy Winter Living nowSelina Lake Winter Living by Selina Lake, photography by Debi Treloar, published by Ryland Peters & Small

Vintage Home by Judith Miller


I mentioned in a post a while ago about my growing love for mid century furniture, and how it can be incorporated into today's interiors. This new book from antiques expert Judith Miller not only looks at mid-century, but gives you a comprehensive round up of 20th century design as a whole, with the sections looking at Deco World, New Look and New Moderns. It is full of historical info and designer background details, so incredibly useful for anyone interested in or working in the design world, but not only this, it demonstrates how to use these pieces of design in the modern home. 

I loved seeing how some of the more extravagant and over the top designs have been incorporated into people's homes, and has also improved my knowledge of some of the most noteworthy designers of our time. Buy Vintage Home nowImages extracted from Vintage Home by Judith Miller. Published by Jacqui Small (£30)

London Stitch and Knit by Leigh Metcalf

Regular 91 Magazine contributor and super crafty lady Leigh Metcalf has created a book which is a must for all London based crafters as well as anyone visiting the capital who has a penchant for haberdashery supplies. This book is a comprehensive guide to all the crafting shops in every neighbourhood of the city, as well as a few out of town ones, which Leigh felt required a notable mention. 

As well as being mega useful, this book is also really beautiful to read. The photographs are all taken by Leigh herself and the design and illustrated maps are just stunning, with a really tactile feel, perfectly matched to the subject matter. 

Make sure to follow along on Leigh's crafty and family adventures on her blog Found Now Home too, she is super inspiring! Buy London Stitch and Knit now. London Stitch and Knit by Leigh Metcalf is published by Black Dog Publishing. 

Chic Boutiquers at Home by Ellie Tennant

The follow up to Ellie Tennant's first book 'Design Bloggers at Home' is along the same vein, and in the same beautiful style, but this time ventures into the home of online shop owners. 

It is split into 4 categories - Designers, Makers, Curators and Launch your own Chic Boutique. I love the format as each shop owner is given their own section, meaning you can see the images of their home as a set rather than jumbled together and it also gives little fact files on each shop too. The last section is super practical - with lots of advice from both Ellie and the featured shop owners on how to go about setting up shop online. 

There are some really stunning homes in here, and it's one of those interiors books which I actually want to read from cover to cover as I want to find out more about the shop owners lives and homes. Buy Chic Boutiquers at Home now. Chic Boutiquers at Home by Ellie Tennant, photography by James Gardiner, published by Ryland Peters & Small

Creative Children's Spaces by Ashlyn Gibson

This book is also a follow up book, this time from Ashlyn Gibson. I loved her first book Creative Family Home, even before I had Ruby, and now this book is filling me with so much inspiration for future spaces for her. I love the play tent above made from vintage doilies, and really want to make one of these beds in the below shot when Ruby is older and out of her cot! 

The sections of the book look at things like clever storage, den, hideaways and play zones, and snug bedrooms, each with a 'feature home' within them. 

There are so many clever and fun ideas to steal that look cool and that the kids will love. And to be honest, even if you don't have children, there is still loads of inspiration for things like work spaces, storage and displaying art. But it is a must if you strive to incorporate your family life into your decor. Buy Creative Children's Spaces nowCreative Children’s Spaces by Ashlyn Gibson, photography by Ben Robertson, published by Ryland Peters & Small

I'd love to hear which of these books you'll be adding to your wish lists, alongside The Shopkeepers Home of course! ;)