my book: it's finally published!

my book: it's finally published!

Hurray! Today is the official publication date of my book! It has been months and months of work to get to this point, so forgive me if I have bleated on about it a lot lately! While it's been on Amazon to pre-order for quite a while, there is nothing quite like seeing the book in an actual shop, so you might just find me stalking out my local bookshops today making sure it is in a prominent position! haha!    

While I do love a spot of online shopping while curled up on the sofa, I'm still a MASSIVE fan of 'real life' shopping. Not only being able to hold objects in your hands, but also the style of the shop, the smell and the atmosphere all contribute to a great shopping experience, and no one can deny that retail therapy buzz when leaving a shop clutching a bag filled with goodies! That is why this book was a total no brainer for me - as well as the shopping aspect, it combines with my love of interiors, and it is true that the owners of the beautiful shops featured, also take the same care and attention when creating their own home. 

The blog tour just finished yesterday, so rather than share any more images from the book today, I'm going to direct you to the seven lovely bloggers who were involved so you can read their words and see what their favourite images/shops/homes were from the book. 

Decor8 - a Q&A with me about creating the book

Yvestown - Yvonne talks about what she loves about the book & announces some of her own shop related news.

Lobster and Swan - Jeska picks out her favourite images from the shops and homes around the world. 

Apartment Apothecary - Katy focuses in on the shop & home that inspires her the most - The Hambledon - which is the one featured on the cover of the book. 

Makelight - Amazing photographer Emily has taken some beautiful pictures of her favourite spreads from the book, giving you a sense of the book design as well as the photography. 

At Home in Love - Aileen selects her three favourite shops and home from the book. 

Happy Interior Blog - and finally, Igor ends the tour with a beautiful summation of the book's concept and a great choice of images.  

If this isn't enough to whet your appetite, then you can also view more in the special issue of 91 Magazine I created, featuring a little peek inside the book! 

If you pre-ordered a copy, you will probably be receiving it today, so do let me know what you think and share any pics on Instagram/Twitter/Facebook with #theshopkeepershome and tag me in @91magazine (I also have a page on Facebook just for the book) 

oh, and I have a SUPER exciting giveaway planned for next week that is going to blow your socks off! The top image here is a little hint to it, but do keep your eyes peeled for the details as I promise you will not want to miss it! :) 

thank you for all the lovely comments and messages of support, it means SO much to hear that you like the idea of the book enough to spend your hard earned cash on it! I hope it will bring lots of enjoyment and inspiration! If you would like to order a copy, here is the link to buy it now!