My exciting news for 2015!

My exciting news for 2015!

This time last year I revealed the news that I was expecting my first baby, and this January I have some more exciting news! No, not another baby just yet! This time it is a professional announcement rather than personal. 

Back when I started blogging in 2008, interior inspiration came mainly from magazines and books. Blogs weren't really a 'thing' just yet, and Pinterest probably wasn't even a seed of an idea. So for me, I loved to leaf through beautiful interiors books, and I remember that some of the first that I bought were Selina Lake's Bazaar Style and Emily Chalmers Flea Market Style. I think these both greatly influenced the direction I wanted to go with my blog. Today, I have quite the collection of books, both interiors and crafts, and despite the abundance of content there is online these days, I still enjoy going back to my books for ideas or to simply sit down with a cuppa and enjoy flicking through the beautiful pages. 


So it's with pure excitement that I am announcing the news that I am currently working on my very own interiors book to publish in Autumn 2015! I'm working with Jacqui Small Publishing, who have published books such as Holly Becker's Decorate series, Will Taylor's Bright Bazaar, Happy Home by Charlotte Hedeman Gueniau as well as craft titles like The Hand Stitched Home by Caroline Zoob and Giftwrapped by Jane Means. 

I can't reveal what the theme of the book will be just yet, we are busy shooting at the moment, and things are coming together really well, so you will just have to stay tuned to find out more! 

It's a very exciting time, and I can't wait to see my book gracing the shelves of my bookcase along with all these other great authors! Fingers crossed you will also want to add it to your collection too!