My kitchen moodboard

My kitchen moodboard

So, finally after years of saving and gradual planning in my head and on Pinterest, our kitchen renovation is happening! Well, it was supposed to start today, but didn't, so fingers crossed the builders will be here bright and early in the morning.

A lot of things won't be decided until the wall is knocked through between our kitchen and dining room, but I have planned a lot already, and have even started ordering the fun stuff, which has got me so excited! :)

So here is a little idea of what I'm aiming for, we shall see if it turns out this way, probably in a couple of months by the time we decorate etc, but I will keep you updated on the progress!

image via

image via

One of the main features will be a reclaimed wood kitchen island and I'd been looking out for some suitable stools for a while. I was looking for some that had a bit of an industrial feel to sit nicely against the reclaimed wood, but struggled to find some within budget, or that were the right height or colour. I loved the ones in this shot above, so was chuffed to come across these on eBay the other day which have a similar look, and for a budget-friendly £25 each! So in the shopping cart they went, I can't wait to receive them and see them in the flesh! 

The island itself is based on this kitchen which I've loved for years. Basically it will be made from reclaimed wood and painted white. But to give it a bit more of a contemporary feel we've went for a copper worktop. I'm really excited about this as I think it'll be a great feature, and the copper ages really nicely and is antibacterial, bonus! It's being made by a local company to us called Tipfords.

image credit:   Paul Massey

image credit: Paul Massey

I also have all our appliances on order - which are all Smeg. I'm so happy to finally be getting the fridge I've been wanting for years! And the sleek design of the rest of the appliances should hopefully contrast well with the reclaimed wood too. I'm hoping our oven will be able to fit in a chimney breast that is currently blocked in, it sounds a little weird, but fingers crossed it will work out! We've already had the sink delivered, which is the one above, a belfast sink (something else I've wanted for ages!) but with a little bit of detailing on the front panel. The sink came from TapsUK and those are the taps I have my eye on fromVictorian Plumbing

The rest of the kitchen will be free-standing, and I'm still on the look out for pieces that I love. Something like these above would be great - again I love the contrast in the left hand pic between the sleek fridge and the roughed up paintwork on the cabinet...

To add some subtle colour and pattern, I decided to go ahead with the patchwork tiles you may remember me posting about a while ago! These ones are from Armatile, and while I did love the real vintage encaustic tiles, these seemed like a more affordable option, that will be much more durable and easy to maintain.

I hope to build in some open shelving in one corner that would otherwise be dead space, so I hope that will work out ok, and for lighting we are again bringing in that industrial look with some bare bulb pendants something like these...

That's kinda where I'm at at the moment, there will be lots more happening in the rest of the room, but as I say, I think some things will be decided as we go along! I've taken a lot of inspiration from varying places, images I've found and my own ideas, so I just hope it all comes together as one when it's complete!