My big news for 2014!

My big news for 2014!

There seems to be an awful lot going on in my life at the minute; working on the next issue of 91 Magazine, meeting all my freelance deadlines and our kitchen renovation are all keeping me very busy. BUT, the biggest and most exciting thing happening to me at the moment.... I'm expecting a baby!!

knitted baby booties by   Bye Bye Birdie

knitted baby booties by Bye Bye Birdie

I've been desperate to share the news on here since I found out way back in November, and have often found it hard to blog, not only because of first trimester tiredness but because I found it hard not to mention the news! It's such a huge thing, especially when it's your first, that it is SO hard to keep it secret!!

I'm now four months in, and everything seems to be going well so far (touch wood) and I'm feeling really well now I'm into the 2nd trimester. I'm hugely excited but also slightly scared, as I must admit I don't know much about babies, but I suppose lots of people feel like that.

I haven't yet bought anything for the baby, we plan to find out the sex at my next scan, so probably after that I will start buying bits and pieces, although I've been well warned not to go mad as there's lots of things you don't need, and I've been advised cheap clothing is best at the start as they tend to get ruined. But this hasn't stopped me browsing the internet for lovely things and ideas for the nursery!

Clockwise: Elephant print -   Seventy Tree   / Babygrow -   Corby Tindesticks   / Bib -   Corby Tindersticks   / Wallpaper -   This Modern Life   / Knited toy -   Donna Wilson   / Cot bumper -   Nubie

Clockwise: Elephant print - Seventy Tree / Babygrow - Corby Tindesticks / Bib - Corby Tindersticks / Wallpaper - This Modern Life / Knited toy - Donna Wilson / Cot bumper - Nubie

I promise not to turn Patchwork Harmony into a baby blog, but of course there might be the odd nursery related post here and there! :) I'd love any tips you have on your fave websites for nursery and lovely baby things! It's definitely my new obsession!

via   Mokkasin
Knitted sheep -   Molly Meg   / Baby shoes -   Scout and Co

Knitted sheep - Molly Meg / Baby shoes - Scout and Co