Concrete kitchen worktops

So when we were having our kitchen renovation done earlier this year the plan was to install a copper worktop on the kitchen island. Sadly, our first experience of builders / contractors hasn't been a great one. We were let down by the company who were supposed to do the worktop (they just stopped replying to my emails) and then our builders said they would do the worktop as well as the rest of the building work left us high and dry before completing the job.  (Monumental Construction, we are not impressed!)

I've since learned that this is commonplace for builders to abandon smaller jobs near the end to move on to bigger, better paid jobs, which I think is shocking. We were left to finish off plastering, exterior brick work and other jobs ourselves, and of course have been left without a proper worktop. For the last few months we've been living with a plywood worktop which is not waterproof, and while lots of people say they quite like it, it's not the look I was hoping for! This is how the island currently looks...

After considering trying to do the copper worktop ourselves we've came to the conclusion that is just going to be too expensive, and as we also need a new boiler this year, we started looking for alternatives. I still want something a bit different, so we are now looking into concrete. We are wondering if it's possible to do this ourselves following this tutorial on A Beautiful Mess. Has anyone ever tried this or know if it would work on the plywood? 

via A Beautiful Mess

via A Beautiful Mess

I also came across the kitchen below and really like the idea of adding in some lovely tiles or other detail within the concrete... I'm not sure where or what yet, but these Moroccan tiles do look lovely... (Image source:

What do you think? Does anyone have any experience of concrete worktops? I'm so sick of the kitchen not being finished now, I just want this project done! :)