Waiting for baby...

Waiting for baby...

So my due date has been and gone... It was only yesterday, but I'm already feeling very impatient! I'm struggling to get around at the minute as my bump is so heavy so feeling a little bit housebound! Fingers crossed that baby will come along in the next few days!

One thing I've been doing to pass the time is working on a new website for Patchwork Harmony and the blog. As you may have seen I accidentally deleted loads of my blog images recently, so I've made the decision to make a fresh start with the blog. I'm planning to add some of my archival posts but not all. 

With this in mind and our new arrival imminent, I think I'm going to leave you with this as my last post on this blog, and introduce the brand new blog once things have settled down here and I'm back to blogging! 

As I'm clearly baby on the brain at the moment I've spent a lot of time browsing the internet for gorgeous baby things and pinning them to my baby Pinterest board.. I can't tell you how hard it is not to go mad online shopping when you are sitting at home with not much to do! :) 

If you are interested and want to keep updated on the news on the new arrival, then follow me over on Instagram as I imagine that's where I will announce the news first! ;)

Coral Koskshi Doll,   Sketch Inc  , £20 / Bib,   Bibaloo  , £4.97 / Sleeping bag,   The Kid Who  , £50 / Crochet rattle, Molly Meg, £20 / Embroidered Dress,   Zara  , £9.99 / Stripe cloud cushion,   Molly Meg  , £60 / Noodoll,   Molly Meg  , £17.50 / Cloud cushion,  Kokokoshop/Etsy  , £32.93 / Salmon pink blanket,   Molly Meg  , £59 / Printed dress,   Zara  , £9.99

Coral Koskshi Doll, Sketch Inc, £20 / Bib, Bibaloo, £4.97 / Sleeping bag, The Kid Who, £50 / Crochet rattle, Molly Meg, £20 / Embroidered Dress, Zara, £9.99 / Stripe cloud cushion, Molly Meg, £60 / Noodoll, Molly Meg, £17.50 / Cloud cushion,Kokokoshop/Etsy, £32.93 / Salmon pink blanket, Molly Meg, £59 / Printed dress, Zara, £9.99