Bare plaster walls

When we were renovating our new open plan kitchen/dining area, we ended up with a few areas of bare plaster where lining paper had got pulled off by the builders which stayed like that for a while as we worked our way round the room decorating it. Weirdly both hubby and I commented on the fact we kinda liked it, although at the same time knowing that it didn't really suit the house and the fact it was only the lower part of the wall did look a little odd. When I posted a pic of it on Instagram saying that we were about to panel over it, I was surprised at the number of comments saying to keep it as it was! Perhaps it looked better on a small phone screen on Instagram, below is the pic...

While this rough, pared back look is nothing new - I remember posted about the Rough Luxe trend back in 2012 - I think that maybe it's becoming a bit more commonplace. Chances are that you'd get some comedic house guests enquiring as to whether you are in the middle of decorating, but in general as long as it's done well I think more and more people can see the beauty in this natural look...

photo by   Freya Dowson

photo by Freya Dowson

The shot above was from a recent shoot for 91 Magazine. The stylist Catherine Sprunt has bare plaster walls in her bedroom which I think looks really great, especially when contrasted with metallic details such as copper.

One of my favourite examples of a bare wall is that of designer Sandra Juto in her Berlin home. It creates such a simple, but textured backdrop for all her pieces of art and other quirky objects.

The bedroom below has went one step further and left some peeling wallpaper on the wall, and I love how they've tied the colours into the luxurious bedspread. I think that's what makes the bare plaster wall work - the contrast it creates against smoother, sleeker or shinier textures.

What do you think? Could you do this look? I was too chicken and we've panelled over ours (I will share some 'after' pics soon) although I think if we had have been brave it would have been more work, as I think it would have looked best to have the entire wall exposed... I'd love to hear what you think!