Flowers in the home

I can't believe its been another week that has went by since I last blogged! So sorry, I guess its been another one of those weeks! I attended a lovely event last Wednesday at one of my favourite shops in London - LibertyHolly Becker was launching her new book Decorate - which I reviewed a few weeks ago Myself and some fellows bloggers had a bit of a Q&A with Holly, and then we went over to the new Dining Room area for a styling demo with Holly, Sania Pell & Leslie Shewring.

One of my favourite things about the table they'd styled was how the flowers were displayed.  So simple to stack some vintage books to elevate the arrangements, and then just adding single blooms to interesting containers.  They've used the Astier de Villante ceramic tin cans, but you could always spray paint some actual tin cans white for the same effect as Leslie pointed out! :) 

You can check out a video about the book & the event here

To me, flowers are an essential part of any interior, and I think sometimes people think you have to spend a lot of money on flowers, but I have to say I only buy flowers when I see the 'reduced' stickers on them in Waitrose! Usually there is only 1 flower thats looking a bit sad, and the rest are perfect! And sometimes they can be as little as 10p! 

Or if you are lucky enough to have flowers in your own garden, just pick a couple of roses or peonies, and pop them in a bowl like Selina Lake has done above, again simple but beautiful! 

And if you're feeling a bit more extravagant just fill a bucket with flowers....

Selina Lake

Selina Lake

 If, like me, you are more a budget flower kinda girl, then all you need is a few stems, and an interesting vase or milk bottle, and your room is instantly lifted!

As we are still in the throes of decorating our front room, I have actually made a pact to myself to NOT buy any flowers until the house is all back to normal, so then perhaps I might treat myself to something a little more special! not from the bargain bucket that is!