Top website for cushions

Top website for cushions

As we all know, swapping out your cushion collection is an easy way to update your interior. You can change them with the seasons, or just when you get bored. I thought I'd share a fave website of mine for purchasing cushions covers, which is not only super affordable, jam packed with 1000's of designs, it is also quite an interesting concept. Society 6 produce the cushion covers (amongst many other products including shower curtains, iPhone cases, rugs, t-shirts and prints for your wall) on behalf of the artists/designers. So rather than the designer having to front the money for printing costs, dealing with packing and shipping etc, they literally upload their designs, and Society 6 do the rest.

This was one of my recent purchases from the site, and despite being US based, orders seem to arrive quite promptly to the UK. This design is from Sweet Reverie.

There really is an insane amount of designs on there, you could get lost for hours, so I've picked out my top 20 designs to tempt you! Most of my faves are quite graphical or illustrative, but you will find so much more on there if this isn't your thing... All cushions are priced the same no matter what the design, and vary from $20 for a 16"x16 cover only up to $35 for a 20"x20" with cushion pad included. Oh, and you can choose between indoor and outdoor cushions! The only problem is, there are so many designs on there, you might not be able to find the one you liked again! Make sure to pin them, I lost of a few from my selection I'm afraid so apologies for some missing links...!

Top L:  Georgiana Paraschiv  / Top R:  Amy Hamilton  / Bottom L:  Allyson Johnson

Top L: Georgiana Paraschiv / Top R: Amy Hamilton / Bottom L: Allyson Johnson

Top R:  Wesley Bird  / Top L:  Alice Rebecca Potter  / Bottom L:  Her Art  / Bottom R:  One Happy Mess

Top R: Wesley Bird / Top L: Alice Rebecca Potter / Bottom L: Her Art / Bottom R: One Happy Mess

Top L:  Sweet Reverie  / Bottom L:  Very Sarie  / Bottom R:  RK//Design

Top L: Sweet Reverie / Bottom L: Very Sarie / Bottom R: RK//Design

Top L:  Ninola  / Top R:  Isaiah K. Stephens  Bottom R:  Rebecca Allen

Top L: Ninola / Top R: Isaiah K. Stephens
Bottom R: Rebecca Allen

Top R:  Beth Thompson  Top L:  LinnMaria_ink / Bottom R:  Kelli Murray  / Bottom L:  Tangerine-Tan

Top R: Beth Thompson Top L: LinnMaria_ink/ Bottom R: Kelli Murray / Bottom L: Tangerine-Tan

Visit Society 6 to find your own favourite designs.