Fab followings: Goose Home & Garden

Fab followings: Goose Home & Garden

One of my 'go to' shops while I've been sourcing furniture for our kitchen and the nursery has been Goose Home & Garden. I can't remember where I first came across them, but their stall at the Decorative Living Fair last year really caught my eye, and I've since followed them and have got to know the lovely couple, Sarah and Paul, who run it. You couldn't meet a lovelier couple and they are both clearly passionate about their business, and will go out of their way to make your shopping experience with them top rate.

I've bought smaller things from them in the past, but my first furniture purchase was this cupboard which is now in the nursery, but is actually to hold all of my craft supplies. I've really had to downsize on my collection as it used to fill this whole room when it was my office, but I've managed to pack most of it into the cupboard - it's really quite roomy, especially with the little drawers.

Sarah and Paul paint pieces like this to a really high standard, so I feel it's worth the extra money to get such a great finish. I know if I was to do it myself, I'd probably use a lesser quality paint, and the finished look just wouldn't look this professional.

So after buying this, I'd been keeping my eye on their site on a regular basis, as I was also on the look out for a big cupboard for the kitchen, so when I spotted this one above I emailed Sarah straight away to reserve it. I've procrastinated before over things on their site, only to miss out, so this time I was straight in there! It was lucky too, as Sarah said another buyer called not long after I'd emailed her! I'm absolutely in love with the cupboard, there's so much space for our larder essentials and other bits of china, glassware and books.

Do pop over to their site to see some of the other lovely pieces of furniture they stock, and if you're not in the market for furniture right now, there are lots of great decorative vintage items which are pretty hard to resist too! Here's a bit of a preview...

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