Christmas cards - buy independent

There's lots of promotion to buy independent when it comes to gifts at Christmas, but how often do you buy Christmas cards by independent designers and makers? It's easy to buy in bulk as, of course this is the economical way to go, but a campaign launched by designer Sarah Hamilton is attempting to change our thinking on this. It can be these small sales that can keep a indy business alive not to mention how special your friends and family will feel by receiving a card that is a little bit extra special. Sarah's campaign Just a Card aims for everyone to buy 'just a card' from an indy designer, even just one purchase could make a difference to those designers who are struggling to make a living in a massively competitive market. Help spread the word with the hashtag #justacard

Here are a few of my favourite indy Christmas card designs to get your started! 

£14 for 12 by Abigail Warner

£14 for 12 by Abigail Warner

And remember it's not just for Christmas, so try and support indy businesses all year round! One way to do this is by signing up to a stationery subscription. My favourite right now is CardNest, who collaborate with illustrators and designers to create an exclusive range of cards, which you then receive 3 of each month, meaning you've always got a stash of cards ready for that birthday that creeps up on you and you've forgotten to buy a card.

I received a trial pack from them this month, and must say I am really impressed, The packaging is lovely as are all the card designs, and you even get a little bit of info about each designer so you can go and check out more of their work online. 

UK membership is £7.50 per month, which works out at £2.50 per card, which is generally cheaper than buying a single card in the shops these days. AND I have a special offer for Patchwork Harmony readers that will get your 50% off your first month's subscription! Just use the code PATCHWORK50 which is valid until 31st Dec 2014. Well worth trying it out for just £3.75 for your first month! 

Go check out their range of cards, they are very lovely indeed!