Art in the kitchen

The walls in our new kitchen have been pretty bare for the last few months while I decide what and where to hang things. But when I saw this print by Yourtype in the Southwood Stores online shop, I swiftly sent the link to the hubby as an idea for my birthday. I thought he'd decided against it, but then a few days after my birthday, to my joy, it arrived! 

It's a large print in need of a large frame, and I was very lucky to have collaborated with eFrame - an online framing service - who provided this lovely white wood frame. I mentioned how I used them for the artwork for Ruby's room also as you can create bespoke frames to your own size specifications. 

Funnily enough I don't actually drink coffee, but at the moment I feel like the word coffee here should be replaced with baby! That is pretty much my routine at the minute!! 

thanks to the hubby for the print and to eFrame for providing the frame.