Finally finished - my patchwork quilt

Finally finished - my patchwork quilt

Back in June 2013 I started making a patchwork quilt. I'm generally quite impatient, so a project like this was going to test me a little, but I actually really enjoyed having something I could pick up now and again and work on in front of the TV. Saying that, it's not a regular occurrence when I don't have something else more important to work on or do, so it has taken me over a year to finish the quilt! 

It was sewn by hand using the paper piecing technique and I used bits of fabric I found cheaply in haberdasheries or in vintage shops. Quite a few of the fabrics were used to make napkins for our wedding last year so I thought it would be nice to include these as they'd remind me of the day. 

I originally started following an online course via The Amazings, but as it took me so long, by the time I was getting to the construction stage The Amazings website had closed! So I had to find another source to learn how to finish it. I used this tutorial as I wanted a shaped edge as opposed to a straight one. I'm not sure whether the wadding i used was too thick or if it's the way I've quilted it, but it is very textured in comparison to the one in the tutorial, but I actually quite like it. My edging isn't perfect either, but hey, for a first go I'm pretty happy with the overall result. 

For the backing I bought some Liberty fabric from eBay...

It isn't full double bed size - mainly because my impatience kicked in and I just wanted to finish it! I've got it on our bed at the moment, but one day I will probably give it to Ruby for her bed. That's if it hasn't fallen apart by then! ;) 

I'm pleased I stuck it out and finished it though, it's been really rewarding. What I found is that a long term craft project creates memories as you make it. I loved picking out the fabrics for it,  it reminds me of certain day trips when I bought some of the scraps. I also spent quite a lot of time trying to get it finished while I was pregnant so it will also remind me of that really special time in my life, and then finally finishing it off during the last few weeks with Ruby sleeping at my side. It will be lovely to tell her that when she is older. 

Are you a fan of the long term craft project? Or do you prefer to start and finish something quickly and move on to something new?