New work from Seventy Tree

New work from Seventy Tree

I am a big fan of Seventy Tree, and in fact we featured designer Kerry Layton's lovely home in issue 9 of 91 Magazine. So I was excited to see Kerry has recently released some new designs and she has teamed up with stylist Charlotte Love and photographer Joanna Henderson to produce some lovely images of her work...

I absolutely love Charlotte's styling - she has also contributed to 91 Magazine in the past with some gorgeous shoots - her work is so fresh and colourful and always fun. I love the painted plants in the above image.

The images really capture the essence of Kerry's work, which is also colourful and fun and often quite graphical. I do think if you are a designer/maker it is definitely worth budgeting for some great photography and styling, as it showcases your work in a way that you might not be able to get across otherwise. As I say, I already love Kerry's work, but when these photos popped in my inbox, I immediately wanted to share them on the blog! Great images = more exposure for your brand! 

Check out the rest of Kerry's new work at Seventy Tree and peruse some more lovely styling and photography on Charlotte and Joanna's websites. 

PS - I will select the winner of the Rewined candle next week, I am taking a few days off first! :)